Med-u-cate 2020

Please find below some of the speakers for the 2020 Summer School…

Madeline – Medical Student

I am a fourth year medical student at St.George’s university in London. I have been volunteering with the British Red Cross for the last 3 years and am really passionate about getting other students involved. I was trained in first aid up to ambulance crew level, and now I run the On Campus Red Cross group at St.George’s. In the last year we have brought mental health first aid training to the university and set up a welfare room in the student’s union to provide peer to peer emotional support on busy nights. I have given talks at my school every year since I left as I founded their medical society. I often talk about the application process, life at medical school and volunteering opportunities. I am also really enthusiastic about educating medics/future medics in mental health, as it is not always taught in full and people are left unsure what to do. I’m really excited to be taking part in this event, looking forward to seeing you all soon!

Muhammad – Medical Student

Hi, I’m Muhammad Lorgat, currently a 2nd year Med Student at Uni of Leicester. Originally from a small town up north west called Blackburn, but now I live in Leicester. I got into medicine via the BioSciences transfer route, after initially missing my grades for the offer. When I’m not revising/doing university work, I like chilling with friends and family, going out for food, watching films and TV, reading and football (Man Utd supporters anyone?). I have also recently started a podcast called WeAnswer: where I (and sometimes guests) answer questions related to applying to/studying medicine. What I’m looking forward to is being able to connect with so many aspiring medics, and maybe play a little part in their medical journey. With my short talk, titled ‘Day in the Life of a Leicester Medical Student’, I aim to give an insight into the wonderful world of being a pre-clinical medical student at Leicester (hint: it’s really not that bad at all, I even had fun at some points).mAsk lots of questions, follow us on social media for more insights, and have an amazing few days!

Lorraine – Graduate Medical Student

Hey everyone! My name is Lorraine Afrane, and I’m a 2nd year graduate-entry medic studying at the University of Nottingham. As a graduate applicant, I have experience in sitting the infamous GAMSAT exam – once underachieving, and a second time passing with flying colours after going away, reevaluating and improving my study techniques to maximise my score. I’m looking forward to helping you know your enemy, and to sharing my tips to help you come out top from this ‘David and Goliath’ type exam! 

Abbie – Medical Student

My name is Abbie and I’m a final year medical student at University of Manchester. In lockdown, I’ve been cross-stitching, learning new recipes, watching far too much Disney+ and trying to keep up with my studies! I’m passionate about a future career in paediatrics and medical education, and I am delighted to have been President of a Children’s Hospital volunteering society last academic year. This year I am exploring my interest in teaching, as a current teaching lead with a peer-to-peer teaching society, Manchester MedEd. Society involvement is one of the key parts of any university experience, in my opinion, and helps you to develop essential transferable skills and meet amazing like-minded people along the way! I’ll be hosting a talk focused on communicating with families on Mon 10th Aug, with some additional top tips for smashing any communication-based MMI interviews thrown in for good measure! The team have put together a brilliant programme of events for you over the 4-day programme, something I know I would have truly benefited from as an aspiring medic! Good luck to everyone with your future medical school applications and I hope you find the event useful and engaging!

Abdulrahman – Medical Student

My name is Abdulrahman, an international student from Iraq who just finished his first year of medicine in Manchester. In April 2020, I started my YouTube channel “Mancunian Medic” as well as my Instagram page (@mancunianmedic) with the aim of helping future medical applicants from different backgrounds. I have been enjoying the experience so far and I hope I can reach out to aspiring medics and help them with their journey to Med school. If you have any questions, feel free to ask me by commenting on my YouTube videos or through my DMs. Looking forward for the upcoming event!! 

Dr. Pooja Devani – Foundation Year Doctor

I’m currently a Foundation Doctor with a vision to help and guide students to enter Medicine and Dentistry irrespective of their backgrounds. I have tutored for 7 years now and coached students with all parts of their application process. I’m the Founder of Step2Med and the Lead Tutor for all our GCSE, A-Level and Undergraduate Courses. I design and formulate all the courses that Step2Med deliver. I oversee the courses Step2Med run and I’m grateful for such great team members without whom this initiative would not be possible. My interests lie in Paediatrics, Education and Learning a new skill regularly. I’m a big believer of having a balance in life, and I hope through this summer school you’re inspired by the variety of our medical professionals as well as the opportunities available to you. We will be running a competition for you – so keep your eyes peeled about what we have in store for you! 

Tash Binnie – Medical Student

Tash has just finished her third year of Medicine at King’s College London and next year she will be intercalating in Primary Care. Tash is an aspiring GP and also has a keen interest in mental health. Tash set up her Instagram page (@tash_themedic) in April and currently has over 5,500 followers. She also created her YouTube account at a similar time (Tash The Medic). She shares information about how to get into Medicine, life as a Medical Student and Mental Health to increase the awareness of the prevalence of mental health illnesses in the medical profession. 

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