Medical school interview

So you’ve gone and done it… interview time is approaching. But you start to panic and worry about the questions you’ll be asked. STOP! The interviewers are normal people like you and me, they are not there to scare you and stop you from succeeding. They want you to do well as much as you do. Stay calm and collected. If there is water, have some. If you need the question repeating or rephrasing, ask. Make sure you have kept up to date on recent healthcare advances in the news and that you have done some mock interviews (even if it’s just you stood in front of a mirror)! The interview is your way to show the medical school what your made of. They have read all about you, but it’s this you that they want to get to know!! Just be yourself. 100%.

I can only comment on the type of interview that I have had…multiple mini interview. If this is the type that you are set to have then you will speak to around 6 different people who will each ask you different questions or to complete a role play scenario. You have an allocated amount of time at each of the stations, and so have to make sure that you make it!!

All being well, you will receive confirmation of the brilliant person you are by receiving an offer through. Well done! But stay focussed and make sure the exams go your way.

If you don’t receive an offer after having an interview, then do not become too disheartened. The fact that you had an interview is an accomplishment in itself and you should be extremely proud. Not having an offer is not the end of the world. The skills you gained from applying and sitting an interview can be used for future, whether that be applying to medical schools again or in a job that you are hoping for.

Stay motivated…
H. X


Published by Dreams Of A Medic

2nd Year Medical Student at the University of Manchester!

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