Living away from home

Moving away to university is a big deal!! Not only is the course going to require a lot from you, but living away from home can be daunting.

The move itself is hugeee. The stress levels are high, as you try and pack 17/18 years worth of ‘stuff’ into a car (which at that moment seems smaller than most dog beds), and more than likely you will end up getting on your parents nerves (or visa versa) as you pack, travel and unpack everything you own. The fact that everyone’s emotions are high also doesn’t help. The move for me was fairly smooth. We packed the car up the night before and set of early in the morning to miss the pile up once we arrived.

Once everything is moved in, and your new room looks perfect 😊 Its time to get to know your flat mates. These are the people that you are more than likely going to live with for the next year (unless something goes wrong) and so you need to make sure you get off on the right foot. Make an effort to be friendly and offer help if they are struggling to move in all their things. Everyone is in the same boat, so there is no need to feel awkward about starting a conversation. Go for it!

A couple of days/weeks down the line and you will be into the swing of living as a student. You probably wont miss your family too much, and will be coping well with life at university. I mean freshers week is very fun! But give it a couple of months and you definitely (in my opinion) start to miss you family and all the comforts of home. This is the time to pick up the phone and give you’re parents and friends from home a ring. Or go back home for the weekend to see what you’re not missing! I guarantee it will help and if not then grab your uni friends, a box set and if you’re in Newcastle order in your favourite ‘Creams’ dessert and have a chilled night in (or whatever makes you feel better)!

Everyone you love is only a phone call away…don’t panic!

H. X


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2nd Year Medical Student at the University of Manchester!

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