Dealing with exam stress

The exam period is one of the most stressful times a student faces! I should know…I’ve been there. For every person, sitting an exam is nerve racking in some way and when there is an offer of University hanging on the balance the stress can build up further.

In this post, I am going to outline some simple ways that I manage my stress which I hope can be of some help to someone out there.

I always make sure that I start revision very early on in the academic year. At school and college I would start by the October half term, and at University I have started from the beginning of the semester. Starting revision straight away doesn’t work for everyone, but for me I like to feel on top of my work load and this is one way that I manage to ensure this.

In addition to this, I make sure that I have some time to relax each night before bed. I put away all my books, and watch some TV (usually Grey’s Anatomy 👍). This allows me to wind down and feel more prepared for the next day. Having some ‘me time’ at weekends is also important. I try to have Saturdays as a day off, and start my weeks work on a Sunday. This means I have time to spend with friends and family, and allows me to think about something other than work.

A de-stress in exam season that works for me, is having an at-home pamper night each week or every two weeks. I buy in a face mask and, if I’m at home-home (my home that isn’t Newcastle), a bath bomb and spend some time feeling girly.

I have recently joined the gym in Newcastle, and have found this super useful during my own exam period over the last couple of weeks. While the excerise makes me feel great inside, it also means that I can spend time catching up with one of my closest friends during an otherwise extreamly busy period of the year.

While these techniques may not work for everyone, they definitely work for me! So if you are feeling very stressed in your own exam season and struggling to find anything to help you relax, then give these suggestions a go.

Hope I’ve been some help!
H. X


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2nd Year Medical Student at the University of Manchester!

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