A day in my life

It’s been a while since I caught you all up on my life – partly due to being head deep in dissertation work and partly due to still needing time to process my offers to study medicine. Buuut, I think it has been long enough and I am finally in a place where I can slow the role with my stress levels for a week or two.

Being a third-year Biomedical Sciences student isn’t easy, and I never claim it to be. It has been one of the most stressful years of my life (and the year isn’t over) but one that has come with so many highlights that I wouldn’t change it for the world.

While third-year is busy, and especially so in the semester I am currently finishing, my timetable has never been all that full with things like lectures and seminars and instead my time has been dedicated to research. Below is a simplified breakdown of one day in my life….

7am – Rise and shine 
8.20am – Set off to catch the Metro into uni
9am – Take my favourite seat in the library (yes, by third-year that is a thing) and have some breakfast
9am-12.30pm – Work, work, work 

  • At this point in the academic year and with my dissertation in full swing, this consisted of reading published journal articles and papers which looked into the field of research linked with my dissertation as well as completing statistical tests on my data. 
12.30pm-1pm – Lunch 
1pm-5pm – Work some more
5pm – Head home 
5.30pm – Tea time and catching up with my housemates
6pm-9.30pm – Work a little bit more/Revise 
9.30pm – Shower
10pm – Bed 
It is a wonder that I had time to spend with my family, friends and Kieron, but by making my Monday-Friday this productive it meant that I could take the weekend to myself! It may not have been the most social semester in my time at university, but it has been a semester that means a lot with regards to my degree and so I wanted to ensure I worked at all times to my maximum.
While this blog has been a little different to my previous, I hope you still all enjoy!
H. x

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2nd Year Medical Student at the University of Manchester!

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