Hannah’s Introduction

For my first post on ‘Dreams Of A Medic’, I thought I’d introduce myself! My name is Hannah and I am 19 and currently on my gap year.

This year hasn’t gone how I initially planned which I bet many of you can say too! I had hoped to become a Healthcare Assistant and work with Saint Johns Ambulance as well as travelling but I ended up on furlough at home. It’s difficult to not think of this gap year as a wasted year because I haven’t done much but I’m trying to focus on how it’s a time for me to have a break and learn some new things like yoga and sign language which I haven’t had time for before. It has been nice to do something other than studying as I have been in full-time education for a long time – but I am beginning to miss having something to do each day (I know I’ll definitely miss this relaxing time in my first year of university!). I can’t imagine doing online lessons like many of you have been- sending you all the best and all your hard work will pay off soon!

I’m starting a few courses to hopefully prepare for medicine and that brings me to what I’m doing in September. I did my first interview for Keele Medical School in December which was my first choice university so I was very excited. I then received an offer 10 days later! I was over the moon and decided to then withdraw my other applications as I have already done my A-levels so it was given an unconditional offer. I’m doing some preparation at the moment, with research into purchasing an iPad, doing an introductory anatomy course (I’m going to do a few anatomy puzzles to slowly introduce myself), catching up on A-level Biology, and some research into what sort of things I may need like a stethoscope and the essentials for living by myself for the first time! I know all this research is going to be so interesting and I hope to write future posts on it. I am also trying to speak to some medical students to gain advice on the first year of medicine and about Keele Medical School’s course. 

Going back in time, I thought I’d tell you about my application process. I did pretty well in my GCSEs and at the end of Year 10 found out I really had an interest in the human side of Biology which led me to medicine. I then became really motivated to look into this career path and watching shows like GPs: Behind Closed Doors and Hospital, gave me the final push to fully pursue medicine.

I knew I would do Chemistry, Biology and English Literature as my A-levels and I went to an all-girls Grammar Sixth form which I absolutely loved. It was a lot better than my previous school and I came out with A*AB as my CAG grades.

I hope to write about my past experiences, including applying to medicine with grades lower than AAA (below the stereotypical expected), as well as how COVID has affected my experience so far, and will continue to in September, alongside the exciting preparation for Medicine happening soon. I hope you will enjoy reading about my journey!

Wishing you all the best during this confusing time with Covid-19 and good luck with all your studies. 😊

Hannah x 🙂


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2nd Year Medical Student at the University of Manchester!

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