Things I wish I had known before applying to medical school

Another requested blog has asked me to dig deep and think about things that I wish I had known before I started out the long process of applying to medical school. But for me, with all the research I had done over many years, I didn’t end up having anything that I didn’t already know was to arise in the process.

The thing with applying to medical school, is that you know what you are getting yourself in for and so hence, if medicine really is what you want, there should be no shock and nothing you wish you had known before hand. Like they say, ‘preparation is key’.Continue reading “Things I wish I had known before applying to medical school”

Study tips

As requested on my Instagram channel, this weeks blog is going to focus on study tips I have come to find which will hopefully come to help you all on your journey through academia (at whatever stage that may be).

Finding study tips and tricks that work for each individual is a tricky process. Studying is a unique process and varies based on peoples personality, learning style, course, motivation and time. Hence, the tips I am going to share are going to be more generic and something that everyone will be able to make use of and adapt to suit them and their needs.Continue reading “Study tips”

What am I nervous/excited for upon starting medical school?

As requested by some of my lovely Instagram followers, I have decided that it is about the right time to sit back and really think about the things that have me nervous for medical school and those that make me unable to contain my excitement.

I thought a list-style might be best for this type of blog, so here goes….Continue reading “What am I nervous/excited for upon starting medical school?”

Personal Statement clinic

It’s easy to think you know where to start or how to write your personal statement, but it isn’t until you come to put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) that you realise the struggle that lies ahead. Your personal statement is the biggest and most unique piece of writing you are likely to have done (at this point in your life) – unless you are a graduate and had the stressful pleasure of writing your dissertation – so it is important that you don’t rush, prepare like you would for an exam and think carefully about your best attributes that are going to make you stand out.Continue reading “Personal Statement clinic”