Dr. Aman Amir

Dr. Aman Amir is a General Practitioner and lecturer at the University of Manchester, with training in Neurosurgery and Trauma Surgery. He grew up in Yorkshire, and after sitting his A-Levels gained admission to Liverpool Medical School in 1996.

After his house job at Royal Liverpool University Hospital, Dr. Amir went down to Cardiff to complete Surgical Training before spending some time working in Australia. He then returned to UK and retrained in General Practice.

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1st Year Medicine at the University of Manchester (part 1)

Medicine, although covers the same basics at all universities, differs in the way in which it is taught from one university to the next. This can make it a difficult decision when deciding on a medical school to spend 5 years at. As such, I am using this blog in part 1 and 2 to showcase the way medicine works at the University of Manchester….Continue reading “1st Year Medicine at the University of Manchester (part 1)”

Books I recommend on starting medical school

To buy or not to buy is the question! It’s always the same on starting a new chapter in your education, but never more so than on starting medical school – the content you cover and the level of learning you complete is massive and as such its often met with people questioning whether to invest in text books or not.

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