1st Year Medicine at the University of Manchester (part 2)

So, I realise its been far too long since part 1 to this blog came out, but better late than never I guess. COVID threw a curveball to my first year at medical school, but I am going to continue this blog like the last and talk about medicine at Manchester in pre-pandemic times…

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Climbing the ladder of comparison

I have always seen comparison in similitude with a game of ‘snakes and ladders’ – a game which is frustrating, takes patience and there is no doubt that it takes a long time to win. With ‘snakes and ladders’ it seems that the second we climb the ladder, pushing us closer to the win, we either fall down the snake back to where we started or another player climbs a larger ladder and overtakes you. The journey to medicine is a lot like this – we feel as though we have achieved something, pushing us closer to securing a place at medical school but then something else makes us feel as though we’ve been set back, or this idea that someone else always seems to be ahead of you. 

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