My experience as a BAME student applying to Medicine

From a young age I’ve always loved learning about the human body and working with others. So, when the time came to decide what A-Levels I wanted to study and what career path I potentially wanted to follow, studying biology and a career in medicine really appealed to me. Not to mention the fact that, I was obsessed with watching Junior Doctors on BBC and the thought of wearing scrubs and a stethoscope one day was so exciting! However, I didn’t realise how difficult the process would be for me, especially as a BAME student…

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Sunday Secrets – 16th August 2020

The change of pace that I have felt over the course of this week has been like nothing else.

From Monday to Thursday I was in full conference mode as I hosted Med-u-cate for aspiring and current medical students to attend. The planning for this was huge, and the reason last weeks Sunday Secrets was missing. Fast forward to the weekend and I was found relaxing to the max in a 5* spa with my boyfriend. How one week can look so different is crazy, but definitely something I want to do again and again and again. 

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Sunday Secrets – 26th July 2020

Well hello again! Long-time no speak – great apologies for that! Life just seems to do its thing and get in the way! 

I hope you’re all well amidst the pandemic and life being thrown a curveball! Keep staying safe, and remember that ‘normal’ will return eventually! Enjoy the time for now to spend with loved ones, get in the outdoors and make time for you!

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