Sunday Secrets – 6th September 2020

This past week, my body finally caught up with the speed of my mind and I became ill. It isn’t something I would usually write a blog post about, but self care and noticing signs in ourselves is hugely important to ensure we continue to function as we should and remain as healthy as possible. 

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Sunday Secrets – 30th August 2020

It is less than a month now until medical school begins again, and the strange-ness that is online learning will continue. At the University of Manchester, we are lucky that not much of our classes are set to be online and instead, due to the nature of the course, we will be returning to the medical school for most teaching. 

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My experience as a BAME student applying to Medicine

From a young age I’ve always loved learning about the human body and working with others. So, when the time came to decide what A-Levels I wanted to study and what career path I potentially wanted to follow, studying biology and a career in medicine really appealed to me. Not to mention the fact that, I was obsessed with watching Junior Doctors on BBC and the thought of wearing scrubs and a stethoscope one day was so exciting! However, I didn’t realise how difficult the process would be for me, especially as a BAME student…

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