Medical school interviews – keeping your head

It’s that time of year¬†when nervous medical school applicants begin to hear back from their dream schools as to whether they have been given an interview. While this time is undoubtedly stressful, it can make you think about your life choices and whether medicine really is for you. I have been lucky enough (some willContinue reading “Medical school interviews – keeping your head”


[APOLOGIES FOR THIS COMING LATE] As the deadline for applications to medical school fast approaches, the hurdles needed to be jumped become more visible,¬†including writing your personal statement, organising your UCAS application and sitting one of the dreaded admissions tests. As I have always wanted to study medicine, I have become well aware of howContinue reading “The UKCAT”

Getting your ‘fix’ of medical education

If you are anything like me and want nothing more than to study medicine and become a doctor, then getting your ‘fix’ of medical education is a massive deal! While not currently studying medicine, I find that in my free time between university work, revision and exams I cram as many medical themed ‘things’ inContinue reading “Getting your ‘fix’ of medical education”