Medical school interviews – keeping your head

It’s that time of year when nervous medical school applicants begin to hear back from their dream schools as to whether they have been given an interview. While this time is undoubtedly stressful, it can make you think about your life choices and whether medicine really is for you.

I have been lucky enough (some will say) to be in this situation twice now – the first time I applied I had an interview at St Andrew’s and now I have two interviews coming up very soon for this round of admissions. For me, this is beyond exciting! I have been working up to this moment for such a long time, and I cannot wait to show the medical schools what I have to offer.

For those who are in a similar situation to me and are in the ‘cloud 9’ mood then CONGRATS! But a piece of advice – don’t let it go to your head. This is not ‘it’, you have more hurdles to jump over before you can relax. Keep your head, stay focussed and continue to work as hard as ever so you can eventually say ‘scalpel please’ 😉

It is the case in every round of admissions that some absolutely fantastic applicants will not be gifted with an interview. If this is you, do not despair. This does not mean the end – it can be the beginning of a very fun off-the-beaten-track adventure into medicine or it can open your eyes to other career options and opportunities beyond university. Do not let this battle take over you – you are the driver in your future!

I would like to wish the best of luck for all those students with upcoming interviews, and tell those without to carry on working hard – your dream will become reality if you want it that much!

H. x


Published by Dreams Of A Medic

2nd Year Medical Student at the University of Manchester!

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