3rd year here I come…

As I pack the last remaining clothes, nic-naks and photographs of the summer ready to take back to uni with me on Sunday I am filled with overwhelming feelings. When away from home I miss my family and my home girlfriends like CRAZZZZYYYY (and this time I will be missing my favourite guy like maddddd), but I have the time of my life when I’m there and having not seen my bestie, house-mates and partying/shoulder-to-cry-on/agony aunt/not-so-shopping-friendly toon family I am reminded of how much uni life means to me.

Before beginning first year, and for the first few months I wished I was back at home all the time. I struggled to be away from my parents and found settling in so so hard. If it wasn’t for the amazing friends I met, I would not be the person I am now, giddy to be making a come-back to the best city in the world for my final year of Biomed.

If the last two years in Newcastle has taught me anything it is to make the moments count. Whether big or small, make the most of every opportunity and don’t waste a single second wondering ‘what if’. Your time is now, so make it count. That goes for all aspects of uni life – from working as hard as you can from the get-go to making time to have a laugh with friends. Go to the library for an extra hour that day. Grab that drink you keep putting off with that friend you haven’t seen in months. Watch an extra episode of Greys Anatomy or Peaky Blinders or GBBO with your house. Go for that internship at that fancy company. Take the long walk home. Make every second count, because if you’re anything like me you’ll be wishing that uni lasted forever.

As I say my ‘see you at Christmas’ line to all my close ones and spend as much time with the people that mean the most to me, I am reminded of how thankful I should be of what I have. Not only do I have the most wonderful family at home-home (Wigan) but I am blessed to have been chosen to be part of the most incredible family in Newcastle (you all know who you are)!!

If I can leave any message with my readers of this blog it would be to ‘smile’ and don’t ever stop. You are blessed to have what you have, whether that be little or large!!

Lots of love
H. x


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2nd Year Medical Student at the University of Manchester!

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