A day in the life of a Biomedical Sciences student

For this blog post, I have changed the style and decided to run with a timeline of one of my days as a Biomedical Sciences student. I thought that this would be useful for those thinking about studying Biomed (and especially those who have received offers recently).

This post is based on March 13th…

7.00am – ALARM 😢
I woke up early this morning due to needing to revise for my In-Course EMI (mock exam)

8.00-9.20 – Revision.
This consists of me reading over lecture notes, then making colour coded notes based on the topics and themes that I struggle to remember.

9.40 – Walk to the Medical school ready to start lectures

10.00-11.00 – Microbiology and Immunology lecture
This particular lecture (for anyone that is interested) covered the topic of viral replication

11.00-12.00pm – Physiology lecture
Here we looked at sensation and motor control within the nervous system

12.00-1.00 – LUNCH 😋

1.00-2.00 – Pharmacology lecture
In this lecture, we were given an introduction and overview into drugs which target the endocrine system

2.00-5.00 – Microbiology and Immunology lab
This lab was a continuation of our lab from the previous week. In this two-part practical, we worked to identify bacterial colonies.

5.30-6.00 – TEA

6.00-8.30 – Revision and lab write up
I continued with my revision from the morning and began my lab write up.
After each practical, we are set a post-lab exam which we have a week to complete.

8.30-9.00 – Shower, washing up, prepare for the next day

9.00-10.00 – TV

10.00-11.00 – FaceTime with my parents

11.00 – BED 🙌

**This ‘day in the life of..’ is based on the way that I personally spent this day, and in no way is representative of all Biomed students.

I hope that this has been informative to those thinking about studying Biomedical Sciences, (or who will be in September 2017) and provided you with a little insight into the work.

H. X


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