Preparing for exam season

As exams quickly approach, many of us can succumb to the stress and worry of making sure we succeed. I know for me that exam season is the period where I am most prone to lashing out at my loved ones (not intentionally, but a side effect of the stress), and although I am still prone to an occasional snappy remark to my parents, it is something that I have been able to work on with the help of a few tips I have found.

For me, I start my revision plan months before the exams begin. I don’t like to rush into revision and I’m not the type of person that can cram and do well. For me, the long game works (or at least it has so far). I also make a revision plan and ensure I stick to it. This is usually an hour or so each night at the start of the academic year, and as exam season approaches I increase the hours spent revising until I am confident that I understand and can apply the topics.

Exam season is a time that people can ‘forget’ to do anything but revise. Your mind can become focused only on this; which isn’t a bad thing but too much can result in underperformance, ill health and unhappiness. It’s important to enjoy yourself (but not too much) in the midst of exams; remember the important things in life and spend time away from the books. I try to have a ‘day off’ each week to take time for myself and to spend time with family and friends.

Exams become a big part of your life if you are like me, and the focus can sometimes become overwhelming. Being able to manage your time is key to ensuring you are at your optimum when the day comes to prove yourself, and show what you are made of. Granting there should be some compromise to ensure you perform at your best, you should still be able to enjoy your hobbies and interests regardless of the fact that there is revision to be done. It took me a while to realise this, and it is still taking me time to get used to it. But it is an important realisation that I made, and one which will serve me well on my journey into medicine. 

I hope that this little reminder to take time for yourself is something that you will all keep in mind. Although succeeding is important, being happy is more so!!
H. X


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