Making the most of the summer post GCSE’s, AS-levels, A-levels and beyond…

As exam season comes to an end and the summer break is beginning, many people can become stuck in a mundane routine of binge-watching TV shows and eating their way through everything in the kitchen cupboards. BUT, in order to make your personal statement stand out (both for medical school applications and others), you must make the most of the time off. From finding a part time job to volunteering at your local hospital to backpacking across Asia, find something you can do, want to do and most importantly would enjoy doing.

For myself, I have spent the majority of my summers since finishing my GCSE’s volunteering and completing work experience placements, on top of revising for the UKCAT and writing my own personal statement and, more recently, CV. This along with making time for friends and family, and of course jetting off to a sunny destination provides me with feelings of accomplishment.

I, of course, find time to completely ‘switch off’ over the summer period, but I have found that as I have gotten older and my future is that much more important to me, that being able to ‘switch off’ is a lot more difficult. One of the most important things to me is becoming the doctor I have always dreamed of becoming! This is the reason that I spend as much time as possible working and volunteering…to make my dream a reality!!

Making the most of the summer can seem difficult when results day looms in the background. Some people are not fazed, but most feel anxious for weeks prior to the actual day (that is if you are like me anyway). This is completely NORMAL, but it’s something that you should not let consume you!! Trust me when I say that sitting around thinking of every possible scenario is NOT a good idea. You will eat yourself up, not enjoy your summer and possibly make yourself ill. Of course, it is fine to think about the directions the day could take (after all your results are a big part of your future), but this should be in moderation and should certainly not take over your summer break! The summer is there to be enjoyed, and not for worrying (too much).

Wherever you are continuing your journey to after the summer break (whether it be to exactly where you had planned or you have to take a detour like myself), remember to enjoy every moment. The summer period is prime time to wind down and recharge your batteries. Make the most of every opportunity, seize every adventure and most importantly enjoy!

H x


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2nd Year Medical Student at the University of Manchester!

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