A day in the life of a second year Biomed during exam season

While exam season is NOT the best time of the academic year (for most anyway), it is necessary. But that does not mean that you cannot have fun or are not able to spend time with your friends; it can be quite easy to plan your time during exam period so that you don’t end up losing the will to live, or at least that is what I found this year.

An example of what became a standard day of revision during exam period was as follows-

7AM – wake up 😦
8AM – Breakfast before setting off for the library with my bestie (@sophiecowling you finally get an official mention)
9AM – Get to the library and try our hardest to get our favourite seats (when it comes to exam season this is one of the simple joys), grab a coffee and get on with revision
12PM – Lunch finalllllllyyyy
12.30PM – Back to the grind
3.30PM – Trip to Costa (perk of being attached to the RVI)
4PM – Revision again
6PM – More food
6.30PM – Revision (this time we might shake things up and change seats)
9PM – Home time
9.30PM – Little more revision
10.30PM – Shower and chill time with house mates
11.30PM – Bed 🙂

This routine became my life, but with friends always in the library there was always someone to go and have a break with and make the day seem a little less bleak. Plus once I returned home I was able to catch up with the people I lived with, spend time on social media and catch up on some trashy TV shows that I was behind on. While exams are the most important thing in relation to your degree, being happy is also a huge priority. This is the reason that between sessions at the Walton I made time for brunch with the girls, the occasional shopping trip and with the fab weather I made sure I fit in a day at the beach.

While this time of the year is not exactly fun, it isn’t the worst and once it is all over it gives you a very good reason to go out on the toon and have the time of your life to make up for months of turning down alcohol and a good time.

One thing that kept my motivation high was the want and need to succeed and live the dream I have always wanted to!!

H. x


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2nd Year Medical Student at the University of Manchester!

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