I’m backkkkk

Having taken time to survive second year, and having made it without crashing and burning I am ready to jump back on the blog bandwagon and get back into writing about my life.

Second year has truly flown by quicker than I ever would have imagined, but I have loved every minute of it and I am already missing Newcastle and all my favourite people¬†baaaaddd. I never thought before starting university that I would love it as much as I do, and I certainly didn’t think I would have found as many amazing friends as I have done (you all know who you are). But more so I did not think that I would have been as happy as I am (especially with the rocky start I had at the beginning of this year). Yes, I have had ups and downs academically, with friends, with family and my ‘love life’ but I’m certainly not the only one, and it’s only through these that I have realised what is most important in life – being happy.

Having found my happy place, I have been able to see clearly what exactly I want from life, and while studying medicine is still up there as number one I want more than a career which makes me happy. I want friends who are there for me no matter what and who I’m there for no matter what, I want to help others around me as much as possible even if only in the smallest way, I want to be happy in a relationship with someone that can like me for me and not want me to be someone I’m not and I want to be the best version of myself I can be every single day.

While it has been a huge journey full of good days and bad over the last year, it has been a journey which I cannot be more grateful for. I am finally in my happy place and have found myself. I am the Holly that I have always wanted to be.

I have been able to learn about myself and from this shape my future to be one which I cannot wait to jump into; something that I have been needing for a very long time.

Here’s to the future!
H xx


Published by Dreams Of A Medic

2nd Year Medical Student at the University of Manchester!

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