Holly’s tips for medical school interviews

While this could be a premature blog, having not heard as of yet whether I have been successful with my own interviews I don’t think it can be harmful for those quite possibly preparing for the biggest day of their life so far.

I have a few tips which I stick to during interview season, some of which I hope people can find helpful-

1. Stay calm.
2. Read up on current and past medical issues which are making ‘waves’ in the news.
3. Look over the duties of doctors and what is expected of you both as a medical student and well into your career.
4. Make sure you can answer the question ‘why medicine?’ – so many fall at this hurdle and its the one that should be the easiest.
5. Don’t over prepare to the point that you can recite answers to potential questions in your sleep.
6. Be aware of ethical dilemmas which could crop up in your time as a doctor.
7. Always be appreciative of other medical professions – their role is no less than that of a doctor by any means.
8. Read – whether this be books, journals, or newpapers make sure to widen your knowledge and be prepared for them asking about something you have read recently or something you enjoy to read about.
9. Don’t prepare answers to what you think the medical school want you to say – they want your opinion to situations and for you to be yourself.
10. Spend time away from your preparation with family and friends.

While these may be personal tips, I believe they are ones which are well rounded and useful for all applicants preparing for medical school interviews.

I hope this helps someone out there.

Best of luck, Holly. x


Published by Dreams Of A Medic

2nd Year Medical Student at the University of Manchester!

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