It can be a hard time post-interview for medical school, and it has certainly began to hit me. Once the offers start rolling out around you, and you are still yet to have any change to your UCAS, it can be easy to fall into the pit of negativity – I say this from experience as I sit in the midst of revision. But, as my mum reminded me, do not despair. No news is good news.

At this stage in the cycle, some people have had their interviews months ago and some people are yet to be interviewed. The end is not, by any means, near. I keep reminding myself that there is plenty of time until univerisities stop giving offers out, and all going well mine will be on their way (like a letter for Hogwarts but better), but I more than know the feeling of wanting and waiting to hear.

I have been here before I remind myself, but last time I had only had one interview to whcih I pinned all my hopes and dreams onto – and I made it then (well got an offer). So there is time, there is no need to worry and there is 100% no need to start to think about plan B, C, D…

I say all this, but still question my abilities and my worth with my parents. Believing in myself is something that has always took work for me, and I guess it is safe to say it still needs some work, but I am getting there.

I guess what I am trying to get across in the diary-style, Bridget Jones esk blog is that you and I do not need to worry until there is something to worry about. Life is good, health is good and happiness is all around.

H. x


Published by Dreams Of A Medic

2nd Year Medical Student at the University of Manchester!

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