‘When life gives you lemons…’ 🍋

Having gone through my own heartbreak and hurting upon not securing my place at medical school first time round, I know how hard it can be to try and pick yourself back up and carry on like your whole world hasn’t just come tumbling down. It’s an experience that I don’t wish on anybody, however unfortunately it’s something that can’t be avoided sometimes. It’s the way we deal with this type of upset that makes us the stronger and better person in the long run.Continue reading “‘When life gives you lemons…’ 🍋”

Getting your ‘fix’ of medical education

If you are anything like me and want nothing more than to study medicine and become a doctor, then getting your ‘fix’ of medical education is a massive deal! While not currently studying medicine, I find that in my free time between university work, revision and exams I cram as many medical themed ‘things’ in as possible (this is aside from the medical education I receive on my course)!Continue reading “Getting your ‘fix’ of medical education”

Dealing with exam stress

The exam period is one of the most stressful times a student faces! I should know…I’ve been there. For every person, sitting an exam is nerve racking in some way and when there is an offer of University hanging on the balance the stress can build up further.

In this post, I am going to outline some simple ways that I manage my stress which I hope can be of some help to someone out there.Continue reading “Dealing with exam stress”

Work experience

A big factor of getting into medical school is having work experience. It’s required my most (if not all) medical schools as a way to show your commitment and drive to study medicine. But finding work experience can be hard whether you are just starting out, or whether you are trying to find something different to make you stand out from other candidates. Continue reading “Work experience”