Overcoming adversity

As most of you will know from reading this blog I have had my own adversity to overcome in the last year. Something which has been difficult, but doable. At times it seems like the world is over when something doesn’t go the way you intended, whether this be with university, a job you wanted or anything that matters to you. But there really is light at the end of the tunnel.Continue reading “Overcoming adversity”

Living away from home

Moving away to university is a big deal!! Not only is the course going to require a lot from you, but living away from home can be daunting.

The move itself is hugeee. The stress levels are high, as you try and pack 17/18 years worth of ‘stuff’ into a car (which at that moment seems smaller than most dog beds), and more than likely you will end up getting on your parents nerves (or visa versa) as you pack, travel and unpack everything you own. The fact that everyone’s emotions are high also doesn’t help. The move for me was fairly smooth. We packed the car up the night before and set of early in the morning to miss the pile up once we arrived.Continue reading “Living away from home”

Life as a Biomedical Sciences student

I chose to take a Biomedical Sciences degree mainly due to not getting into medicine and knowing that is is a good way in, but also for my love of biology. Biomedical Sciences (especially at Newcastle University) encompasses the fundamentals of biological processes with disease. I am able to understand key mechanisms in control of our bodies, with relation to biochemical pathways, genetic disease and cell processes.Continue reading “Life as a Biomedical Sciences student”

Medical school interview

So you’ve gone and done it… interview time is approaching. But you start to panic and worry about the questions you’ll be asked. STOP! The interviewers are normal people like you and me, they are not there to scare you and stop you from succeeding. They want you to do well as much as you do. Stay calm and collected. If there is water, have some. If you need the question repeating or rephrasing, ask. Continue reading “Medical school interview”